A very familiar…sign one is confronted with when entering the passage of an hotel or motel, is “Do Not Disturb!!” hung on the doorknob of various rooms or suites. This sign states exactly  what it says,  that the occupants for reasons of their own “Do Not Want to be Disturbed!

The same…kind of reaction is usually found, when you try to engage people in a discussion about their spiritual status, as to whether they believe in “The Almighty Creator” or not? If by chance they do,… do they believe in His word “The Scriptures,” and that it should be adhered to as well as its advice and instructions followed  or not?

People naturally do not like to be reminded of their responsibilities to The Almighty Creator, or be told what He would have them do. They are generally very rudely more inclined to tell you in regards these matters, what you can go and do with yourself!! …(**^#??%:>$$**!!)

Many people form …little secluded “religious” cults who believe that they have it all regardless. Others join massive originations, all professing to have “the truth!”… whilst the truth of the matter can generally be measured by the following rule… “The bigger the crowd or following, the bigger the lie!!” And as I may add, the less demanding the belief is, the more popular and the furthest from the truth it may be.

As people…who can afford it, prefer to wear “designer labeled” clothes so as to give them more exclusivity. The same notion prevails among many of the wealthy, who with their financial status can at the right price afford them a “designer’s heaven”.
A place specially tailored to fit their specific spiritual requirements to a “T”, which usually has no demands, and very little effort or inconvenience to them. There are those so-called “religious” leaders that at the right kind of remuneration are more than willing to sell their souls. To oblige such people their every whim, regardless of what “The Almighty” in His Word to the contrary may have to say, about these matters.

There are… in fact hundreds of different registered beliefs in the world today. They all promise that their belief will, if adhered to, surely get you to heaven. Many of their teachings differ so from each other, ridiculous to say, that there has to be much more than one hundred different heavens to suit them all. They are all just waiting there for them to arrive on the scene.

Tradition…obstinacy and pride usually rule the order of the day for many. Those people who are of the opinion usually, that “What was good for my father, his father, his father’s father and right down the line, is good enough for me!”…
Do you want to tell me that they were all wrong? is usually the reply. No matter how many overwhelming Scriptural evidence to the contrary of their belief you may have, far too often the unwavering answer still remains the same.
“I’m O’K Do Not Disturb!!” as they shut the door of conversation in your face.

People are also very gullible!…So desperate are they for sensation that; At the first trace of what even seems to be an unnatural phenomenon, miracle, sign or wonderwork, they some times flock in a multitude to attend or see what’s going on. Yet when you stand up to tell people about the truth of The Supreme Ruler of the universe, His will for us and how His Son gave his life as a ransom for our sins, you are proverbially left out in the cold with the door closed in your face and the sign, “Do Not Disturb!!” hung on it.

Popular “religion”
Constantine, who in the period of time around A.D. 325 could not take away the witness of the true Hebrew belief among his people, changed it to suit his own objectives. He was responsible for the witness of Yehushúa Mashiyach being assimilated and changed into rank paganism. He then re-labeled it as a new and more acceptable, heathen name called “Christianity”.

Due to the… strong anti-Semite or anti-Judaism sentiment that prevailed among the Roman and Greek-speaking world during this time, the idea of a Jewish redeemer (Mashiyach) was totally unacceptable.
So fond were they of their mythological, pagan “worship” of “Jupiter"/”Zeus", and also "Dionysius" that the Genuine Shuam (Name) of The Mashiyach "Yaw-hu-Shua" was re-placed by a Hellenized surrogate name.

This resulting in what was to them the more familiar and palatable word, Iesous. It was from this which the very popular  "Jesus" later was taken and still today in error presumed by Christians the world over to be the “Savior” of mankind.

As a result the… blasphemous “Holy Roman Catholic Church” was formed. It’s corruptions still today, dominate the “religious” circles of those countless numbers  who in ignorance call themselves “Christians” and do not know any better.

Irrespective of the Almightys will, Constantine wanted to protect his throne and the position of power he held over the people above all costs. This is the main source of the lies and distortion of the truth that Christian “Dominies”, Priests, Pastors and teachers inherited and preach today. This is preached knowingly by some, and in ignorance by others. They prefer to follow the masses rather that to revere the Hebrew Almighty One, Yaw-Eternal the Supreme Father and owner of all, and His Son Yawhushúa Mashiyach, our Heavenly Father, through whom His Father (Yaw Eternal) created our universe.

They attribute the honor to a blasphemous Pagan trinity, which consists of:
1.) A “God The Father” made up of two titles but no name
2.) His mythical Greek son Iesous, who at a later stage as stated above, became known in the English language as “Jesus Christ”.
3.) Finally to round of their confusion a fictitious third person “The Holy Ghost!”:
a.) Holy…derived from the rays of the sun in “sun worship”
b.) Ghost…meaning a spook! Like in a scary movie, which I must state has absolutely no relevance to the true Spirit of Yaw-Eternal known as the “Rauch Qôdesh” (Hebrew for the spirit of separation from the world and unto The Father)
(For more information on this subject read …Pagan words and practices.)

This Pagan… assimilated belief Constantine designed, which consisted of a mixture of truths, half truths and lies, served as a catalyst in uniting the two “religious” factions in his kingdom.
His success was mainly due to the fact, that an easy belief usually appeals to carnal people, and is comfortable and un-demanding. Due to its popularity it was well accepted, and he could command people with it and not be commanded instead. Proverbially speaking, it had plenty and was cheap to buy, but had no use.

I did it my way!…Is  a song that reached fame which was sung by the now deceased Frank Sinatra. People in general like the idea. In fact, the favorable notion prevails, of the “self made man or woman”.  By many successful business individuals who have reached the peak of their lives and careers, and have acquired financial wealth as well as prosperity due to their own in-devours. These people tend to use the term “I am a self made man or woman”… “I did it my way!”… “I need nobody” to help me or to tell me what to do!! These are the familiar statements and phrases often uttered by such individuals.

 The actual fact…of the matter is that the image of the “self made man or woman” who “did it his or her way!” and “needs nobody” to help, assist or to tell them what to do!! is in fact an illusion, with little or no relevance to the truth at all.

Our appearance into this world is due to the physical union of a man and woman namely our parents, of whom a child is then conceived and brought into the world. This all takes place with absolutely no credit of prior involvement from the child, at all.
After nine months of pregnancy, the mother is then dependant on the utilization and assistance of the maternity hospitals facilities, doctors and nurses to be able to give birth and bring us into the world.

We as infants are completely dependant on our parents for survival and provision, without which we could not survive.
We grow up needing various education facilities to learn to read, write and so the list of our dependencies just goes on, too numerous to even mention.
By now the message should be very clear. We are not alone in this world; neither can we survive on our own in it. Right from the time of our conception to the time of our death, we are dependant on other people. “No man is an island” and we need to realize and appreciate this fact for ourselves.

What we also more importantly need to realize, is that we live in a universe and in a world that of which we cannot even begin to comprehend the vastness, magnitude and splendor of. Without the correct amount of basic essentials like air, water, food, sunshine and the warmth that it gives our bodies we cannot survive. The marvel of this entire creation was put together so that we may live, survive and benefit from it.
It is impossible that one can even begin to think of attributing this all to chance.
If this be true, then is it not reasonable to assume, that at least some form of appreciation and gratitude should be forthcoming from us?

What we need to develop within ourselves, is an attitude of gratitude. This, not only to those near to us, but to our families, our friends, the world around us and most importantly; towards Yaw-Eternal, the Supreme Father above and His Son Yawhúshúa Mashiyach, our Heavenly Father.

If your way till now has been “ I did it my way” you need then to fall down on your knees and ask the Father to teach you how to start doing things His way. There is no such thing as the self-made man or woman. The successes that we achieve in life are all dependant on the Father’s goodness and provision, without which we could not even begin to survive.

We need to open the door to our hearts and remove that old forbidding sign “Do Not Disturb!!”.and replace it with a welcoming “Please Come In!!” Instead. We need also to get rid of that old stagnant and musty attitude of self sufficiency, and accept the fresh air and sunshine of the love and forgiveness of the Father, thru His Son Yawhushúa ourMashiyach.

If you should ask “Why?” The answer is simply, because “it is the right thing to do!!”

We need to… know that we have been created in the image of the Son of “Yaw” and His angels for a purpose (Gen 1:26). Not that we should aimlessly wonder around in circles, living lives of sin and self-indulgence with no other destiny than to die.

The Father… has an eternal purpose for us who trust Him…

John 3:16 For Yaw-Eternal so loved the world (us), that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

If the things… that we see are so vast and beautiful, which can only partially be comprehended by us, how much more will heavens splendor, and all the things promised that are still to come, not be to us?

1Cor 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which The Almighty hath prepared for them that love him.

If The Father… so cares,… has and is still prepared to do so much for those who love and obey His will, then it is senseless and wrong to go on living our lives as if He does not exist at all.

This is the time right now, or as soon as you can, to find an opportunity to go on your knees, if you have not already done so, and to ask for His forgiveness and make your peace with Him. Thereafter, you may ask Him to let His spirit come into your heart, to cleanse your life and make you whole. 

My prayer today in closing is to all who read this message; that Yaw-Eternal the Father of love and peace be with you and guide you. That you may live a life, that The Father may be proud of, and that His richest blessings may be upon all who revere and call on His blessed Name, thru His Son Yawhushúa ourMashiyach.
 Shalom - Br. Harold.
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