In reaching out to fellow believers, a bit about myself:
I grew up in a strict Sabbath / Law keeping household. My father (who is sadly no longer with us) was in what we then believed, a well advanced teacher in the prophetic word, as well as the types or foreshowing in the Scriptures of things to come.
I started preaching the Word in 1967...The Set-apart Family, Name of The Father "Yaw" and His many titles had just been revealed to us. I was then 22 years old and together with those around me, felt that apart from a few issues on the second coming of Mashiyach, we had just about come to the full knowledge of the truth.

It is now 45 years later and looking back at that time, I now realize, that apart from having a burning love in my heart for The Father and the great zeal to do His will, just how limited my knowledge of His word and His plan for us all really was.
It was then while meditating on the gift of The Spirit and the administration thereof, that the Scripture Isaiah 9:6 came to mind and I started thinking about “The Son’s" Rule in which He is the Governor, King, Judge, All Mighty One, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace (Yaw-ru-shalom above). The question that came to mind in light of the above attributes belonging to Mashiyach was just simply this:

Him being "My Heavenly Father", what do I really know about His:
* Rule in which He is King?
* Government in which He governs?
* Law by which He judges?
* Children who He fathered?
* Creation that He created (John 1:1) and the re-creation rule "behold I make all things new" the new heavens and a new earth", as well as so many of His other attributes?
The answer was precious little and definitely not enough. I then realized that my own situation was very similar to that of blind Bartimaeus who was sitting at the gate begging for alms. There was a whole realm all around Him filled with people of which he could not see. In John 3:3-8 the King of this Ruler ship said to Nicodemus in answer to his question on this same matter, that if one is not born again through water and spirit you would not be able to see His rule, let alone enter it, as it is a Spiritual rule that can only at present by man be spiritually discerned. To the natural person it would be like a wind that was blowing, and one could feel and hear it, yet couldn’t tell where it came from, neither in fact where it was going.
The question I had to ask myself at this stage was simply this; having adhered to the above stated requirements namely being immersed in water and Spirit, what did these credentials empower me to see, concerning:

* His Rule and Government as well as who was in His Parliament?
* Who were the seven Angels before the throne, what were their names, duties and functions?
* What role do the twelve Emissaries, (Disciples) play?
* Where do The twenty-four Elders, fit in? (Rev 11:16)2
* The 144,000 on the mountain, who were they, what were they doing on the mountain (Spiritual City e.g. Mount Zion), and what did it represent (Rev 14:1), as apposed to the countless numbers of people before the throne, what was their position, heritage and future in the grand scheme of things? (Rev 7:9)
* In this Rule of light occupied by spiritual people, where there is one continual day with no need for the sun or moon (Rev 21:23-25 and 22:5). How is it possible to observe a weekly Sabbath that is to be observed every seventh {day}, not excluding the Set-apart feast periods {days} that are months apart?

In the following teachings, I wish to share some of these that I believe to be revelations, and trust that they may enrich and bring light on your way, as I believe it has done in mine.

Br. Harold